Banqueting and Conference Packages

Subject to availability
conference venue in Pretoria
Venue Prices
Mabopane Room 1 & 2 R3 000
Mabopane Room 1 only R1 500
Mabopane Room 2 only R1 500
Leseding Hall Booking for Concert R8 000
Leseding Hall Booking for Conference R3 500
Lawn Area Wedding Ceremonies R3 500
Lawn Area Lethabong Festivals R20 000
Lawn Area Lethabong Festival + pool R30 000
Sports Grounds Events Festivals R30 000
Sports Grounds Events Festivals + Free Entry at the gate R40 000
Wedding Photo shoot + free entry at the gate R500
Model / Video Shoot

Excluding pool, pool area can be open only during the week
R3 500

Food Packages Per Person

Subject to availability
Buffet events at Morula resorts in Pretoria
Food Packages Prices
Braai Menu R170
Full Buffet Menu R220
Jug of Juice R45

Platters Menu

All Platters Serve 10 to 12 Guests
Platters Menu Prices
Breakfast Platter R450
Chicken Platter R600
Meat Platter R650
Savoury Platter R600
Sandwich Platter R500
Seafood Platter R850
Fruit Platter R350
Cheese Platter R600
Sushi Platter R1 100